Stories of our never ending journeys in search of activities related to conservation of nature. From the people’s movement at koodankulam against the nuclear plant to the conservation of snow leopards at ladakh , the traveller witnesses everything. Then there is silence , the point of contemplation. silence has nothing to do with the idea of speechlessness.  It is the spark for a revolution. Revolution within the individual.The very understanding that we are a part of nature before we talk about the mammoth task of conserving the nature.

A platform for all sorts of activities regarding energy and environment- events, communities,technology,philosophy,law etc. people form all walks of life are invited to discuss and debate over the issues regarding to the energy sector. The ultimate dream is to see the advancement of renewable energy in the country where energy can be accessed by even the poorest of poor both in urban and rural areas.

An interdisciplinary approach is being tried to practice in order to bring in a new strand of thought in the RE sector.Sometimes deep thoughts from advaita philosophy (non- duality ) to the complex statistical tools would be put together to project and evaluate the current trends and strategies emerging in this field


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